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Testimonials and Reviews

 Richard Poole – Fine Wine Delivery Company NZ – “The gin itself is simply gorgeous with lovely fresh floral nose, hints of rosemary, citrus and lemon on the palate. Gorgeously crisp and pure, its like the Southern Alps distilled into a bottle.”

Paddy Woodman – The Liquor Store Dunedin – “I thought it was great. I just drank it neat then with a little addition of water. Nice upfront flavorful burst of citrus, orange, lemon in particular, then you get the juniper and herbal flavors, soft and slightly sweet. In the finish its creamy and buttery. It is very well balanced and rounded, making it a delight to sip. Its darn good, the craft and flavor is easily explained to customers.”

Jules Van Cruysen – Wine and Spirits writer – “It is an excellent gin. Very focused, long and refreshing with the aromatics focused on the juniper rather than overwhelming it.”

Yvonne Marie Lorkin – Wine and Spirits writer – “Just loved it – very smooth with loads of character Austria Distillatta Tasting panel – Smooth, elegant, aromatic and well balanced.”

Elle Armon-Jones – The big Foodie, Auckland – “I am a huge gin fan at the best of times, yours made me want to fly to the mountains and take in the views. The story behind the gin makes it all the more special and I will do everything I can to promote it up here and with our tour groups.”

The Gin Queen Australia – “On tasting, there is a welcome hit of juniper on the nose and palate, with coriander and citrus also coming through, ending with a hint of liquorice. It’s a fresh, clean gin and very well balanced. Broken Heart Gin recommend serving with a slice of orange, but it stood up well in my Monday Negroni!”

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Broken Heart Spirits Limited
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Expiry Date: 2nd April 2024

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