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Original Gin Refill Pouch 700ml



Reuse – Top-Up – Recycle

Help us be part of the solution through education and innovation.

Dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint, Broken Heart Spirits has introduced New Zealand’s FIRST Eco-Refill pouches. These pouches use less energy to create, transport and reuse, spearheading our goal of becoming industry leaders in sustainability.

You can use these pouches to top-up your Broken Heart ‘Bottle For Life’ or simply enjoy them as they are. Return your empty pouch to your nearest Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme location or at the Distillery or Queenstown’s Gin Garden Tasting Room.

The liquid inside is the same multi award-winning gin you’ve grown to know and love, it’s just the container that’s kinder to the environment. 

This spectacularly dry gin has been created with the landscape of Central Otago Summer in mind. Perfectly paired with a slice of fresh orange, and your preferred tonic, Broken Heart Gin is the perfect spirit for all occasions.

Flavour Profile: Citrus, spicy, floral, fresh, dry, earthy



The Junipers 2023 – Gold

NZ Spirits Awards 2023 – Bronze Award

World Gin Awards 2023 – Silver

Australian Gin Awards 2022 – Gold

Tokyo Whisky and Spirits Competition 2022 – Silver

NZ Spirits Awards 2022 – Bronze Award

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022 – Gold Medal

International Wine and Spirit Competition 2022 (IWSC) – Silver Medal

World Gin Awards 2022 – Best NZ London Dry

Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Competition (HK IWSC) 2021 – Silver Award

World Spirits Trophy 2021 – Silver Medal

International Wine and Spirit Competition 2021 (IWSC) – Silver Medal

The World Gin Masters Competition – Silver Award

The Fifty Best 2021 – Double Gold

NZ Spirit Awards 2021 – Silver Award

World Gin Awards 2021 – Best NZ London Dry

London Spirits Competition (LSC) 2021 – Silver

Dish Magazine Tasters Pick 2021

NZ Spirit Awards 2020 – Double Gold

International Wine and Spirit Competition 2020 (IWSC) – Silver Medal

Australian Gin Awards 2020 – Bronze

Hong Kong Wine and Spirit Competition 2020 – Bronze Award

Off Licence Holder's Name:
Broken Heart Spirits Limited
Licence number: 68/OFF/0083/2022
Expiry Date: 2nd April 2024

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